Insurtech trends: Innovating for resilience

Major events such as pandemics and climate change are expected to become more common. Technology and new industries are transforming society and businesses. These changes come with varying degrees of risk for people’s lives, business and the economy, creating a need for new policies, services and approaches to managing risk.

With rising consumer expectations, increased distribution opportunities, and technologies such as automation and machine learning insurers also face disruption of the digital kind, presenting complexity and opportunity.

Watch the on demand virtual roundtable with industry experts discussing what success looks like for insurers that embrace the digital world, and how it can be achieved.


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In this roundtable we will explore how insurers can rethink their role and overcome challenges posed by rising risk and changing socio-economic trends with digital transformation. Redefining a business’ core technology is no quick and easy fix so we will also discuss how to balance technological change while maintaining speed-to-market and market presence.


  • How are major events such as climate change transforming the need for insurance today?
  • How can insurers equip themselves to deliver climate resilient solutions?
  • How can insurers strike a balance between updating core technology and maintaining speed-to-market?

What you'll learn


Become resilient to rising risk

Change comes with varying degrees of risk for people’s lives, business and the economy, creating a need for new policies, services and approaches to managing risk.


Ride the digital wave

Consumer expectations, distribution, IT architecture, and technologies such as automation and machine learning are creating never seen before complexity as well as opportunity for insurers.


Add value

Insurers must use technology and the partnerships and products it enables as the catalyst to reframe their business model and the role they play to provide solutions and an enabler of what’s possible. 


Rebecca Schot-Guppy

Director of Investment Leverage & Portfolio Management | Firemark Ventures


Rebecca is shaping IAG’s future by identifying, investing, and incubating portfolio companies and building new value creation within their partner ecosystem. 

Eren Shultz

Solutions Lead | ClimateAi


Eren leads ClimateAi’s initiative to help insurers become climate resilient with AI solutions. His background in economics and agricultural science led him to manage farmland investments as a portfolio manager at the largest institutional investor in farmland in the world, TIAA/Westchester.

Nigel Fellowes-Freeman

Founder and CEO | Kanopi


Nigel is a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded startups in multiple industries. As CEO of Kanopi, Nigel helps insurers deliver contextually relevant insurance experiences to their customers across any platform, at any time

Mick Liubinskas

Co-founder | Climate Salad


Mick Liubinskas has helped build 100’s of tech companies as a co-founder and with Pollenizer, Startmate, muru-D and Austrade. He co-founded Climate Salad to help build climate-focused startups and help the world get to and beyond net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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