Demystifying Generative AI in Insurance

Generative AI is disrupting the insurance sector, shaping new opportunities, and raising questions. Join Kanopi, a trailblazing insurtech, and AWS, the web infrastructure titan, for an eye-opening exploration of AI's transformative potential.

Be a part of this era-defining dialogue, watch the full discussion now. 

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Deep dive into the current trends, future prospects, and inherent complexities of Generative AI in insurance with our brilliant lineup of industry trailblazers.

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Alex Taylor

Global Head of Emerging Technology | QBE Ventures


A leading futurist specializing in innovation and disruption, Alex guides companies to compete effectively with industry disrupters.

Alex has proven expertise in deploying ML solutions in highly regulated  sectors - from visual and voice analytics, customer sentiment platforms and IoT to the challenges of vehicular automation. 

Alister Coleman

Founder and Partner | Folklore VC 


A seasoned expert with 20+ years of tech investment experience, Alister exhibits a deep understanding of the tech startup ecosystem, growing visionary companies poised for transformative growth.

With a strategic and hands-on approach, Alister is not just an investor but an ally to founders, helping them navigate the challenges of early-stage growth.

Simon Peter Johnston

AI Strategy, Gen AI Leader | Amazon Web Services 


Simon has 20+ years of experience spanning research, management, and consulting in diverse geographies and industries.

Passionate about demystifying tech jargon, Simon guides businesses towards long-term ROI through adoption of AI/ML solutions. 

Kale Temple

Partner, Data and AI | Deloitte


A seasoned data and AI specialist, Kale embodies entrepreneurial tenacity, blending deep technical AI expertise with sharp business acumen to deliver industry-leading solutions.

Devoted to developing 'real-world' solutions that address complex business issues, enhance revenue, and improve customer experience.

Nigel Fellowes-Freeman

Founder and CEO | Kanopi


A successful entrepreneur with diverse startup experience, Nigel guides insurers to offer timely, contextually relevant experiences across platforms.

Leveraging strategic prowess and tech-savvy, Nigel champions digital transformation. His customer-centric ethos has established Kanopi as a trusted ally for innovative digital solutions.

What you'll learn


The AI Odyssey

Discover how to integrate and harness Generative AI in your tech stack, while ensuring top-notch security. Understand the power of Generative AI in underwriting, risk assessment, claims processing, and customer experiences.


The Maze of Ethics and Regulations

Navigate the labyrinth of ethical dilemmas and learn to decode the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Embrace strategies to gain regulator approval and earn industry acceptance.


The Human Element

Explore the changing dynamics of workforce roles, master strategies for transitioning to a more automated industry, and crack the code to maintaining stellar customer satisfaction in an AI-driven landscape.

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